Riddles Month of Music

Riddles Month of Music

Many of you will have experienced a live music night at Riddles but for many of you the chance may have passed you by and for those people, we have decided to make August our ‘Summer Month Of Music’. What we mean by this is that instead of having our standard once a month music slot, we are having music every weekend of August starting on the 15th.

People often ask us why we only have music monthly and our answer is always this. We search far and wide for bands that are suitable for the atmosphere in our vintage bar, we select musicians of great caliber and charisma to make sure the true spirit of the prohibition era is captured. These bands are not easy to find and they are certainly not short of bookings. We like to make every night we host live music a special event and find that having them on monthly really makes those nights stand out and we look forward to them immensely.

August is special though, its a month of holidays, sunshine (we hope) and late evenings. We thought to celebrate the summer we would treble our efforts and bring you three fabulous vintage style bands to make your summer nights with us even more memorable.

Whats On?

First up on the 15th August are the vibrant 52 Skidoo. Playing their debut at Riddles they are described on their website as;

Bringing back to life the forgotten era of  the Speakeasy, Prohibition, Vaudeville, Tin Pan Alley, New York rent parties, Harlem Stride Piano and Hot Jazz. A 1920’s band 52 Skidoo are an unlikely collection of drunks, gamblers, misfits and outlaws performing Harlem Swing, a music born out of the stride piano style made famous by James P. Johnson and Fats Waller. They formed after a chance meeting whilst looking for unfinished bottles of wine at a New Year’s Eve party in 1929. This led to a mass brawl, multiple arrests and ultimately the formation of the band “

Exciting? We think so. The weekend that follows will see The Big Easy perform on the 22nd. Travelling all the way from Leeds to play for us they will bring the swing “Since it’s birth in the 1920s, swing has been music for celebration. The Big Easy have taken some of the greatest tunes by the giants of swing; Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, Nina Simone and many more household names, added their own interesting arrangements to bring you a set of the finest swing tunes”

Finally Bad Bones Blues Band will perform for us on the 28th. A cool as they come, laid back group performing vintage and modern blues to the highest standard, the true sound of the deep south manifest in the south of Manchester.

So, now what you  all must do is book those babysitters, call those friends and get down to see one or all of these great bands this August and remember to book a table with us if you really want to sit down for the evening. The atmosphere will be incredible as will the music, hosts and of course…the cocktails. Celebrate summer in vintage style.

Riddles Summer of Live Music…...Smokin’ 

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