Riddles Cocktails, Mobile, Bottled or DIY

Riddles Cocktails, Mobile, Bottled or DIY

Mobile, Bottled or DIY. Exquisite cocktails can be part of your next gathering from the privacy of your own home. 

As much as the experience of being in a fabulous bar ( like ours) is something that cannot  be quite be replicated, the thrill of having your favourite cocktail mixed and shaken to perfection by an expert bartender can.

With Riddles mobile bar service you can entertain your dinner guests with a scaled down replica of our main bar. The same unique, vintage look, feel and taste of Riddles can now be hired with our highly skilled mixologists catering for your individual requirements. What a special addition to a dinner party or wedding. The possibilities are endless, wherever and whenever you want good cocktails, we can be there.

But hey! If that sounds too extravagant for your next event and you were after a more low key affair, we have another offering. Bottled Cocktails! These have gone down a storm so far, with one of our customers placing weekly orders. Imagine your guests delight when you offer them a beautiful handmade cocktail when they walk through the door. Any of our signature cocktails can be pre-mixed and bottled up ready to be serve as and when you need! We will also provide appropriate instructions on how to garnish for the perfect serve. It couldn’t be simpler.

And finally, if you are still itching to be a bit more hands on at your next event but still desire high end, bar quality cocktails then come and as about our cocktail kits.

We can supply you with all the ingredients, garnishes and instructions you need to try out making these drinks on your own. All you need is the equipment and even if you if your missing that we can get it ordered for you, no problem. Mixing your own drinks can add a fun element to any party so ask us about cocktail kits wherever you feel a mixologist moment coming on.

To enquire about any of these services give us a ring or drop us an email and we will help you make sure the drinks at your next event are nothing short of fabulous!

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