Love, Liquor and Live Music

Love, Liquor and Live Music

Your Valentines Day at Riddles

Valentine’s Day is approaching, a special day to shower your nearest and dearest with love. There are many different interpretations of the origins of Valentine’s Day, from Christian Martyrs to Pagan Folklore but what we know about it nowadays is that it’s a day where we celebrate love and romance and for many of us (especially men) it’s a day where we feel a lot of pressure to get it right. The right gift, well we can’t help you with that, the right card- nope sorry we’re at a loss there too, but we do have the answer for the right date destination and cocktails! Riddles is the perfect place to spend your Valentines weekend, we’re open Friday through until Sunday with a special array of Valentines cocktails available all weekend and live entertainment, with music from the Nocturne Blues band on Saturday night from 9pm.
With our tables adorned with tealights and cosy corners to tuck yourself and a date away, we have the ideal romantic setting for any loved up couples. Our extensive cocktail selection is sure to impress your significant other and our staff are always happy to help with any questions you might have, we can tailor drinks to your taste if you’re unsure about anything, we just want our customers to always have the best experience possible.
We’ve created two special His and Hers (or whichever way round you fancy) cocktails available for just this weekend only. The Cupid’s Arrow, for him, is a Manhattan based drink with Chilli and Red Wine, this unusual concoction is sure to pack a punch. For the Ladies we’ve created A Dozen Roses, a refreshing and floral Rosewater delight. You might also want to order your date one of the specialities off our Main Menu. The Red Rogue is a blend of cherry liqueur, cranberry and Prosecco and is one of our most popular cocktails. There’s also the delicious Got the Blues, a Gin based delight with crème de Violette and lime, both of these cocktails are decorated with Rose petals.
Valentine’s Day shouldn’t solely be for couples though, if you just want to treat yourself, family or friends it’s a great time to just spread love and enjoy yourself in great company. If you fancy treating yourself to a few cocktails we have a few for you that are traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day and will be up on the Special’s Board over the weekend.
The Rose: Dry Vermouth, Cherry Brandy, Raspberry Syrup.
French 75: Considered to be a first date winner, it’s made up of Gin, lemon and Prosecco. It’s bound to be romantic, it is French after all!
Between the Sheets: This is a cheeky twist on the classic Sidecar, made with Cognac, Cointreau, Light Rum, Fresh Lemon, finished off with a flamed Orange Peel.
If you’re thinking of joining us this weekend, then we’d advice booking a table for Friday, Saturday or Sunday night, there’s a £25 refundable deposit for Friday and Saturday. Just give us a call on 0161 929 8053 to book. Sunday bookings don’t require a deposit for the tables, tables are free of charge but booking is advised as we expect Valentine’s Day itself to be a popular one at the bar. On Sunday we’re open from 3pm right until 11pm, so whether you want to join us before or after you go for a romantic meal (or wherever the night takes you) is up to you, we look forward to mixing you up some delicious treats!

Trivia: Did you know that 150 million Valentine’s day cards are exchanged annually worldwide, making it the second most popular card giving holiday after Christmas!

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