Gin Of The Month: Roku

A Japanese Slice of Summer  It’s June and summer is finally here, bringing us all some much needed blue skies and sunshine, which means it’s time to discuss our new Gin-of-the-Month to keep you going through those long hard weeks at work. For this month we’ve decided to take a trip to the other side… Continue reading Gin Of The Month: Roku

Gin Of The Month: Warner Edwards Rhubarb

Warner Edwards are craft distillers and lifelong friends who make absolutely exceptional handcrafted British gins. In Falls Farm in Northamptonshire, Warner Edwards was born from a dream to produce a farm made, handcrafted product using the farm and its botanicals. Up to now their flavours include Elderflower, Sloe and even a Honeybee gin made with… Continue reading Gin Of The Month: Warner Edwards Rhubarb

Welcome to our Gin Thursday! First Up-Brockmans

Inspired by some friends of ours who regularly celebrate their very own Gin Thursday we have decided to further your gin palate by having a different gin on special offer every month on Thursday’s! Everyone knows that Thursday is the working week night you can get away with having a few….I mean it’s basically the… Continue reading Welcome to our Gin Thursday! First Up-Brockmans

Valentines Drinks Ideas

What you should be drinking this Valentine’s Day February 14th is fast approaching, and although you can’t go wrong with chocolate or flowers, a romantic tipple is sure to go down a treat with your Valentine. And if you’re celebrating single life, these drinks are perfect to enjoy on your own (with a large pizza,… Continue reading Valentines Drinks Ideas

National Rum Day

  It’s that time of the year where the weeks seem to merge into one and you find yourself forgetting what day it is. So (if you needed one) we have the perfect excuse to drink rum midweek – this Wednesday 16 August is National Rum Day! Whether you prefer white, dark or spiced rum,… Continue reading National Rum Day

National Mai Tai Day

Today we celebrate National Mai Tai Day! What are the origins of this Polynesian drink, and where did the name come from? A concoction of rum, almond syrup, triple sec and lime juice, the Mai Tai is a perfectly balanced Tiki classic. As with most cocktails, there is a muddled history with the Mai Tai.… Continue reading National Mai Tai Day

Sazerac: The Original American Cocktail

America’s first cocktail, the Sazerac, was created in New Orleans, an exuberant city that has a unique atmosphere, is famous for its music, festivals and classic cocktails. New Orleans also hosts the biggest and most exciting Mardi Gras festival which was our inspiration here at Riddles for hosting our own party this coming Saturday (… Continue reading Sazerac: The Original American Cocktail

And Nothing But Chartreuse….

Hopefully you all read our blog on drinks that do good and we are going to tell you more about the one at the top of the list, the french liqueur Chartreuse.  Our bartender Lauren talks about her recent tasting experience and explores the history and flavour profiles of this traditionally ‘medicinal drink’  Just before… Continue reading And Nothing But Chartreuse….

New Years Resolutions: Drinks That Do Good

New Years Resolutions are always the same and they always revolve  around becoming a more healthy, positive person in the coming year. I used to work for a health club and it’s true that January is harvest time for gyms and health providers. It’s the month where everyone gives up alcohol in an attempt to… Continue reading New Years Resolutions: Drinks That Do Good