Gin Of The Month: Roku

Gin Of The Month: Roku

A Japanese Slice of Summer 

It’s June and summer is finally here, bringing us all some much needed blue skies and sunshine,
which means it’s time to discuss our new Gin-of-the-Month to keep you going through those long
hard weeks at work. For this month we’ve decided to take a trip to the other side of the world and
explore a completely different culture to our own.

Throughout June, we will be cerebrating the Japanese gin ‘Roku’. A perfect blend of Japanese
infusions and traditional style botanicals. Roku is based off 100 years of experience in
handcrafted gin, originating from a dream to create ‘Japanese spirits that the whole world could
enjoy’ – held by Shinjiro Torii, a predecessor of Suntory, at just 20 years old.


Roku gin holds a total of fourteen botanicals – 6 Japanese exclusive ingredients and 8 traditional.
Each botanical is harvested in the peak of it’s season to bring you the best possible flavour from
each ingredient. These botanicals include Sencha and Gyokuru tea, Yazu peel and Sansho
pepper, bringing a slightly spicy yet sweet taste to the gin.

Traditional botanicals are then added such as juniper (of course), as well as Angelica root,
allowing it’s strong scent to linger on the foretaste. Orange and lemon peel are added, allowing a
slightly zesty twist to the aftertaste, and cinnamon brings it it’s everlasting sweetness to
compliment the spice brought by the Japanese botanicals.


The term ‘Roku’ in Japanese translates to the number ‘six’, which is what gives the bottle it’s
unorthodox hexagonal shape. Each Japanese botanical is embossed on one side of the bottle,
adding to it’s unique craftsmanship. This is all done in order to display ‘Japanese aesthetic
beauty’ through their gin and it’s design, and the bold calligraphy across the front of the bottle
adds to this effect


While many people prefer to stick to their well known or local brands of gin, or in other words
‘play it safe’, those willing to try something new will be in for a delightful treat. This gin is the
perfect blend of something new, different with traditional flavourings that have made gin as
popular as they are today.

RIDDLES RECOMMENDS – Serve over ice with a regular or herbal tonic, garnished with a
cinnamon stick or basil

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