Embrace Altrincham’s best drinks at Riddles

Embrace Altrincham’s best drinks!

Riddles Bar is absolutely committed to the quality of the drinks available. It’s simple – if the drink doesn’t match our exceptional standards, it doesn’t cross the bar.

The best drinks in Altrincham

We are most proud of our signature drink, the timeless Old Fashioned – which has recently been described as ‘the best Old Fashioned in Altrincham’ by one of our customers. We invite you to embrace Altrincham’s best drinks – and relax in style.

Embrace Altrincham's best drinks at Riddles Altrincham

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Experience the best drinks in Altrincham

Come and try for yourself at Riddles Bar, 28 Greenwood St, Altrincham, WA14 1RZ.

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