The Best Bar in Altrincham – Riddles Bar

The Best Bar in Altrincham – Riddles Bar

Riddles – the Best Bar in Altrincham

Now, we know that these days, everyone claims to have the best bar. But, and we don’t mean to sound big-headed, but Riddles Bar in Altrincham really is.

And here’s why: we absolutely do not compromise on quality.

From the quality of our drinks, to drinks preparation, to our staff, to the welcoming environment, only the best will do for Riddles customers.

Many others have used the ‘best bar’ claim as some sort of cheap gimmick. But words mean nothing unless you have the skills to back them up. We word tirelessly to make sure that our service is second-to-none, and that the focus of our bar staff is on the quality and taste of our drinks. If you want to see what we mean, just visit us for an evening. With our 1920s speakeasy atmosphere and an incredible cocktail selection, we’re confident you’ll agree that Riddles is the best bar in Altrincham

A Quality Drink – Every Time

Let’s face it; some bars will serve you any old drink. Many times, it doesn’t matter what the drink tastes like, or how good the ingredients are, as long as there’s a bit of showmanship on offer. You know what we mean – throwing bottles and glasses around, blasting huge flames across the length of the bar with a blowtorch, adding a weird garnish because of how it looks rather than what it adds to the drink.

It’s easy to think you’re getting a great drink when you’re distracted by showmanship – which is precisely why we don’t waste our time on it. It’s so much more important for us that you are getting the best drink possible – and we will do whatever it takes to make this happen.

Best Bar in Altrincham Riddles Bar

It’s not just the quality of the ingredients that matter (and we’re proud to say ours are fantastic!), it’s the attention to detail of our staff – it’s the adjustments we make as we’re creating each drink – and it’s the fact that we won’t stop until it’s perfect. Really – only the best is good enough for our customers.

Our Atmosphere: Altrincham’s Speakeasy

One of the reasons that people have heralded Riddles Bar as the best in Altrincham is our brilliant atmosphere – we offer a vibrant setting with a decadent 1920s feel. You’re in the heart of a speakeasy, right in the middle of the prohibition. From the bare wood style panelled interiors to the classiest mood lighting, it’s comfortable, simple but stunning.

The Friendliest Bar in Altrincham

At Riddles Bar, we pride ourselves on having the friendliest bartenders in the UK. Everyone is greeted with a warm and welcoming reception. Come and check out our bartenders mixing in traditional 1920s vintage-style dress – and get caught up in the atmosphere.

Unique (Why Follow the Herd?)

We’re proud to be different. We’re proud that we don’t look the same as all the chain pubs and bars around. Come and try us out – we promise, it’s the perfect place to spend a your evening. If you want to come and see us for yourself, we recommend the Old Fashioned. It’s just one of the reasons we’re thought to be the best bar in Altrincham.

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