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Bastille Day, A historic celebration and an excuse to enjoy all things french here at Riddles.

Being part French myself I was very happy to hear that we would be putting on a celebration for Bastille Day at the bar. Following France’s defeat in the European Cup I needed a new excuse to shout ‘Vive La France’ and here it is.

Bastille Day is celebrated annually on July 14 in France and French-speaking regions around the world ( we however will be celebrating on July 16th so you can all have one of our French cocktails without a hangover at work the next day! )

Signifying the start of the French Revolution, more than 200 years on it’s still a central event in the french calendar, with celebrations including military parades. The storming of the Bastille prison by angry crowds in 1789 Paris may have been a violent day, but nowadays it’s marked peacefully by millions.

France needed the revolution. Dragged into depths of poverty by an irresponsible and out of touch monarchy they needed a change.

The Bastille started out as a medieval fortress around 1370 in Paris, but later became a prison. Under King Louis XVI, many opponents of the monarchy were kept there, often without trial. Targeted because of its symbolism of royal rule, the Bastille was attacked by 300 revolutionaries. A battle ensued, where the walls were pulled down and the governor killed and this kick started the much anticipated French revolution.

So here at Riddles we are going to take note of this special day on Saturday July 16th by exploring the delectable world of French spirits and collaboration with Dave Marsland, A.K.A Drinks Enthusiast we will hosting a Bastille Day Takeover event which will bring a unique one night only cocktail menu using French ingredients, syrups, liqueurs and spirits. It will also feature our absinthe boards at a celebratory price of £7.50. 

You will get to sample the delights of Absente Absinthe, Liqueurs from Gabriel Boudier and Lillet Blanc.

This will be also be a great opportunity to try some of those things you know about but never order Chartreuse, Chambord, Cognac and many more.

There is no fee for this evening, just come along soak up the atmosphere and enjoy some one off French recipes Oh and if you want a seat….don’t forget to book a table!

! Vive la République!

Emma x


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