A Rum Education

A Rum Education

Because our Emma has been struck down with that thing they call pregnancy, our Aimeé has generously offered to do all her drinking for her and hence all our product appreciation blog posts, its a dirty job….

Here Aimeé  talks about her recent journey into the delectable world of Rum at a tasting experience with Chairman’s Reserve.

“Rum. We all know it, and most of us love it. Produced around the world from Brazil to Barbados, rum has come a long way since serving as a ration to the Royal Navy. Admittedly you can’t go wrong with the classics, but I’m here to tell you why the sugarcane spirit is more than just a mojito.

As part of the Riddles staff team, not only do you get to work in a great place, you are treated to exclusive tasting events (and free rum!) to improve your knowledge, meaning our customers get an even better experience.

Last week the Chairman’s Reserve UK tasting tour set off, starting at Almost Famous GN with spirits expert Dave Marsland. The Chairman’s Reserve range is produced in St Lucia by St Lucia Distillers and is really something special. Now I like my rum, usually simply with ginger beer and a lime wedge, but tasting them in this way is a different experience and really opens your mind to other combinations.

First we started with the Chairman’s White Label. This white rum has aromas of citrus and caramel and is smooth with a spicy kick. Unlike other white rums, the Chairman’s Reserve has a varied and versatile flavour which works well in a classic daiquiri.

Next up – the Finest St Lucia. At Riddles we are huge fans of bourbon, so it’s no surprise that we enjoyed this award-winning rum that is aged for 5 years in Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Buffalo Trace oak casks. The aging process gives the Finest a warm caramel colour. With a richer taste than the white label, a smooth toffee aroma and a hint of cocoa, this one can be enjoyed in a Rum Old Fashioned.

Spiced rum isn’t for everyone, but I can assure you this is nothing like you have ever tasted before. By using fresh spices, Chairman’s Reserve produces a well-balanced rum with notes of cinnamon nutmeg and apple. Not as sweet as most spiced rums, the Chairman’s Spiced has been coined ‘a proper rum with proper spices’. I’d recommend this in a classic Sazerac.

After a short break and a White Label Daiquiri (yum!), we were in for something a little different – the Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Casks. After a fire at St Lucia Distillers, 16 barrels of 5 year aged Finest St Lucia rum were moved from the flames and forgotten for years. The result – a rum that has had an extra seven years of maturation. Having been in the barrels longer, this complex rum has a woody flavour and caramel and toffee aromas, something truly special. Flavours that are best appreciated neat on the rocks. However this unique rum is rare with only 1500 bottles left in the world.

All in all, a great afternoon which really opened my eyes to the variety you can find with rum as well as some ideas about mixes and cocktails that compliment this versatile spirit ” Aimeé x 

Riddles currently stock the Chairman’s Reserve St Lucia Finest and Spiced rums and are soon to have the full range. Be sure to ask our recommendations when ordering.

Our spring menu also has many rum cocktails that can be made using Chairman’s Reserve – the Rum Swizzle is a current favourite.

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