5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Riddles Tasting Evening

Riddles Bar Bourbon Tasting Evening Altrincham

Seen the posters? Heard the testimonials? Thought about it but never bought a ticket? We think you are missing out and here are five reasons why.

  1. It’s a chance to try new things without breaking the bank. It’s the Chinese takeaway dilemma: you always end up getting the same dish because you don’t want to risk spending your money on something you might not enjoy. When people go out for drinks they miss out on experimenting with new drinks as they prefer to ‘play it safe’ with their usual tipple. Unfortunately this may mean you are missing out on something even better, and our tasting evening could change that. Our tasting evenings allow you to try six or seven different variations of a spirit for just £20 allowing you that opportunity to try new things without feeling like you have wasted your money.
  2. It’s Educational. Our spirit expert Harry will teach you! Not only will he show you how to pick out key notes and flavours but he will tell you about the history of the chosen spirit and the manufacturing and distilling process. Thought you knew it all? We guarantee you will learn something new. Education and Experimentation, do we need to give you any more reasons? Probably not but we will anyway!
  3. The Atmosphere. Obviously you already know how cosy and relaxing the atmosphere in Riddles is, with our candlelit tables and soothing swing and blues playing in the background, but we are talking about the atmosphere created by the people at our tasting evenings. The tasting evenings are always well attended and people are always full of questions and interest. There is always time to discuss what you are trying with the people around you and the nature of the evening promotes discussion. This means that you always end up meeting and talking to new people and its a great opportunity to get talking to people who clearly like the same things you do! Plus after six samples, there is a fair bit of laughter going on too.
  4. It’s something a little bit different. If you are looking for a unique birthday gift or an unusual date night then a Riddles Tasting Evening is a great idea. It is still ‘going out for a drink’ but with a twist. Many psychologists say that the key to being happy is to do something brand new every week. So escape from the norm and get yourself booked into one of these fab nights.
  5. Discounts– Buying a ticket to a Riddles Tasting Night gives you a 20% voucher off a single or double of any of the samples tried on the night so once you have decided which is your favourite you can try it again for a fraction of the price. Plus if you have had enough on that particular night you can use the voucher on another night as they are valid for three months after your event. Marvellous.

So that’s it, five fabulous reasons why you should not miss out on these great nights. Simple.

Next Tasting Evening is our Bourbon Tasting Evening on Wednesday 16th September., £20 per person.  Tickets are available from the bar or here on our website. Only limited spaces available so there is no time to lose.  Come on Altrincham….explore your ‘spiritual’ education.

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