A Jolly Good Gin Night

A Jolly Good Gin Night

Never been to a Riddles Tasting Event? This needs to change! Our most recent ( almost immediately sold out!) Gin Tasting Evening was attended by our very own Aimée Green and in this blog she gives her personal account of what was by all accounts….a jolly good gin night! 

“So let’s set the scene. You’re in the cosiest bar in Altrincham, candles burning, the excitement building… gin expert Dave Marsland welcomes you and asks you to take your seats for the main event. An empty glass sits on the table in front of you, holding the mystery of what you will be tasting.

First is the West Winds range, different and distinctive gins all the way from Australia. The West Winds Sabre is a classic combination of juniper and citrus, hinting at lemongrass. I’d recommend the Sabre in a classic gin martini with lemon peel to compliment the botanicals. The West Winds Cutlass is up next, slightly stronger than its brother at 50%. The notes of aniseed you may experience are actually down to their subtle secret ingredient, Australian bush tomato! The West Winds range is exclusive to Riddles in the Altrincham area, so they are not to miss when you drop by.

Next is the unique range of Warner Edwards gins, small batch and handcrafted on a farm in Northamptonshire. We try the Warner Edwards Dry first, a crisp and clean gin with subtle flavours of fresh handpicked elderflower and a hint of citrus. My recommendation is in a traditional gin and tonic with a rosemary sprig.

Warner Edwards are also renowned for their flavoured gins, and we are treated to their smooth elderflower version. Highlighting the elderflower flavours present in the Dry gin, this is my new favourite (I never thought gin could taste so good!). Ideal for spring, I’d recommend it for slow sipping on the rocks – it’s almost too good to mix.

Another taste sensation is the Warner Edwards Rhubarb, sweet and spicy with a vibrant pink colour. Perfect in our new spring cocktail, the Rhubarb and Rosemary Old Fashioned, stirred down with our homemade rosemary syrup.

Finally, we are treated to the Warner Edwards Sloe gin, made by adding sloe berries, sugar and spring water to the original Dry Gin. A deep fruity number that works best in a Sloe Gin Rickey.

To end the night, we have a custom cocktail creation that balanced the Warner Edwards rhubarb and elderflower gins with Aperol, lime juice and a little bit of sugar. Riddles is always experimenting with new taste combinations and this one was exquisite, a real treat to conclude the tasting.

The experience of a Riddles Gin Tasting opens your mind to what different gins actually taste like and you may even find you have a new favourite. It is also a great way to expand your spirit knowledge and do away with misconceptions – the 18th Century days of Mother’s Ruin are long gone!

If you think you don’t like gin, I’m sure Riddles can find one to accommodate your flavour preferences. Ask us for our recommendations next time you order, after all I am an expert drinker of gin now!!! And I personally guarantee some of the tastes may take you by surprise!”

Aimée x

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Riddles will be hosting another Gin Tasting evening in the future due to the popularity of the recent one as well as this we will also be hosting tasting for bourbons, whiskies and rum. We will keep you posted of these future events here on our website and through social media. Also look out for posters advertising these nights in the bar and sign up to the Riddles newsletter via the website to stay updated on what’s happening at the bar. 

Be sure not to miss out again!


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